A legendary spyglass with unknown origins, the spyglass was broken up into three pieces long ago. Each piece could grant its wielder a powerful divination ability:

The eyepiece allows one to use true seeing at will.

The lens allows one to use Legend Lore, casting time only one week, one day or ten minutes.

The body allows its wielder to use Scrying as though they were tenth level.

With all three pieces put together and the spyglass restored, the powers are enhanced as follows:

The eyepiece allows one to detect the alignment of any creature.

The lens’s casting times are cut in half, resulting in a casting time of four days, twelve hours, or five minutes.

The body’s Scrying spell becomes Greater Scrying, and the spell is cast as though the user were sixteenth level.

To destroy the scope would require that it be submerged completely in acid from a black dragon of “mature adult” or older age.


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