Stoneport Campaign

The Spyglass Assembled

The group finished assembling the spyglass and learns its true power.

The group returned to Vardis with the first two pieces of the spyglass, and discovered that he had been killed by his wife, who had secretly been a lizardfolk in disguise. It was unknown how long she had been in disguise, but it explained why she was immune to the poison she’d been given by Taldore.

The mansion in tatters, the group was unable to find the location of the spyglass’s main body. The clues suggested that the lizardfolk had already taken it, and Riz was able to track the lizardfolk who had ransacked the mansion to the coast, where he learned that they had set up a home on Skull Island. Hiring a group of villagers to row their boat by offering them alcohol to “stop the shakes,” they set out to retrieve their spyglass.

Seeing that the island was surrounded by slow-moving boats filled with ballistas and armed lizardfolk, the group realized that boats do not move as fast as any one of them could walk. Knowing this, Kiroku cast Waterwalk and Bull’s Strength on Balkaran, who wrapped a length of chain around his torso and physically pulled their boat more quickly than any boat could travel. Upon arriving at the island, the gods and the forces of the universe rewrote the ways boats work and made them all faster.

The average lizardfolk, unable to penetrate the armor of the three heroes, were no threat. They sent wave after wave of large animals to try to kill them, but each animal they sent out was swiftly killed and beheaded by Balkaran. Balkaran eventually had to build a small sled out of other animal parts to carry the head of a tyrannosaurus rex which had first swallowed, and then was killed by, Balkaran.

Upon reaching the lizardfolk’s leader, the group killed him and took the body of the spyglass. They then tracked down and killed Vardis’s wife, who claimed she’d been hired by a king: King Hawklight XXVII, descendant of the original King Hawklight, the spyglass’s original owner.

The group found that Hawklight XXVII was a king of a small country on the continent of Japan, who hoped to use the spyglass to reunite all the kingdoms into a single superpower. The original King Hawklight had ruled the entire island long ago, but was overthrown and his kingdom fractured.

The spyglass’s powers came with a powerful price: any who used it would first become Lawful Good, in an attempt by its creators to ensure that it would only be used by the worthy. However, it would never stop affecting its user, eventually causing them to become paranoid and fascist, as they grew to mistrust all those who failed to live up to their impossibly high standards. Which would be everyone.

Kiroku used the lens of the spyglass to spy on Hawklight XXVII, learning that he was in fact a just ruler, but he told the other two characters in his group that he was a violent rapist and a madman. Riz, skeptical, snuck into the king’s castle and was captured by the guards. After the other two came to bail him out of prison, a long conversation ensued in which the trio explained that while they respected Hawklight XXVII’s hope of uniting the kingdom, they feared the power of the spyglass and had no intentions of giving it up. Hawklight XXVII chose to let them go, hoping that they would lead him to the spyglass.


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