Stoneport Campaign

Finding the pieces of the spyglass

The group finds the eyepiece, lens, and body of the spyglass

To find the first piece of the spyglass, the trio of Balkaran, Kiroku, and Riz Xepiroth entered a dark cave and fought their way to the bottom. They had to fight a large number of golems and the undead, but they eventually won and retrieved the eyepiece. It was, all in all, a pretty simple smash and grab mission.

To find the second piece, the group found the camp of a powerful Warlord, who had set up a large, semi-permanent warcamp staffed with dozens of his men. By pretending to join them, they gained entrance into the camp.

Once inside, they learned that the Warlord had three lieutenants. The first of them was a dwarf who wore a suit of adamantine plate mail which hid much of his face. He demanded that the trio fight a number of his own men to prove their worth as new warriors for the camp, and they handily KO’ed the thugs. The dwarf then challenged Balkaran to a drinking contest, recognizing a fellow alcoholic. Balkaran had surprisingly little trouble drinking the dwarven lieutenant under the table, and then stripped him of his armor to impersonate him. He also took from him the lieutenant’s two axes: a powerful enchanted greataxe, and a battleaxe which could be thrown and would return to its thrower. Kiroku then killed him on their way out.

The group, now led by Balkaran impersonating a lieutenant, moved on to another tent in which the second lieutenant was eating dinner with several of his own men. An awkward moment ensued, and the lieutenant offered the trio some food. They agreed that they would, in fact, like to eat some food. So the lieutenant sent his men away to fetch food for the first lieutenant and his two newest recruits. Once the trio were alone with the second lieutenant, Kiroku cast a Silence spell and all three men dogiled on and killed him. Riz took the lieutenant’s studded leather armor, his enchanted bow, and his adamantine longsword.

Entering the third lieutenant’s tent, they found the man sleeping next to a locked chest. Kiroku climbed into the sleeping man’s lap and tried to seduce him. The man, unresponsive to Kiroku’s charms, was killed by Kiroku and had his key taken from him. The chest contained a mithral breastplate, a throwing stick, and a trident with a head made of brilliant energy, which Kiroku also took.

With only the Warlord’s tent remaining, the group decided on a battle plan that would require as little effort on their part as possible. Kiroku cast a spell outside the tent to surround it with thickly overgrown plant life, and then both the tent and the plant life was ignited by Riz, who launched vials of Alchemist’s Fire onto both the tent and near the entrance of the tent. As each person inside the tent attempted to flee, Riz shot and killed them. This included the Warlord himself, who had been a powerful Sorcerer who simply did not have any teleportation spells. The group took from him the second piece of the spyglass: the lens.


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