Norendithas Songsteel

lvl 10 bard


Norendithas was born the second son of a modest merchant to the north. Since he was not going to be in charge of the family business, an import shop, he had significantly more free time than his older brother. Because he was a bright child, he’d finish his lessons early and then be left to his own devices for most of the day.

In his spare time he’d dabble in music with various instruments in the family shop. His unfocused picking and playing showed some promise so his father shipped him off to a music school where he learned many different instruments, eventually choosing to focus mainly on the hurdy gurdy. He graduated at the top of his class from the music school and began his career as a bard at the age of 20.

When he was just starting out, of course, he had trouble booking performances, and so started out on the street. However, that phase was brief as his talent was obvious from the note he played. It is said that his playing can literally charm the skirts off young ladies, and that even the gods listen to his dulcet melodies.

Norendithas has been wandering and playing in the region for about 12 years now, and is sought after by many, far and wide.

Norendithas Songsteel

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