Abandoned by his parents at birth on the out skirts of a forest, Kiroku was found a then after raised by the High Templar Miroku of a Clerk sect that follows the teachings of Gozrah. At about 15 years of age Kiroku became curious of the outside world and decided that it was time to venture out of the forest he has known his whole life and risk the outside.

Being raised from birth by the High Templar and possessing a natural gift Kiroku was soon known for his uniquely strong ability to channel energy. Word of his ability spread slowly throughout the land but swiftly through the world of Clerics. He was be invited to various sects around the land and studied or asked for guidance on how to improve others ability.

This reputation among the Clerical world is how he was eventually at age 23 found by Vardis, who thought he would make a brilliant addition to his team of select individuals for a secretive mission.

During this mission Kiroku found the world of Alchemy as interesting as any other craft. And after the Vardis’s mission was complete and the others decided what need be done with the item in question, Kiroku locked himself away. Days past, weeks past and then after about a month of seclusion Kiroku emerged. But as a horribly mutated image of his former self. Kiroku has set out to explore Alchemy on his own not following the footsteps of a master and because of this had made a grave error.

He rushed back to Miroku hoping he would have a cure for Kiroku’s mistake. However, Miroku had passed only a few weeks after Kiroku had left and a new High Templar that was not sympathetic with Kiroku’s plight banished him from the forest. And in the banishment excommunicated Kiroku from the sect, claiming that Kiroku was now an abomination upon nature.

Kiroku had nothing then and set back towards his companions for Vardis’s mission. Being excommunicated by such an unforgiving High Templar did not make Kiroku lose his Clerical Abilities that Gozrah had blessed him with. But he would refuse to ever use them as long as he was not accepted by her followers.

Eventually, Kiroku learned that his mutation could be used in an advantageous way. Granting him powers in battle that he never dreamed. However, this alternate form, which called itself Ukorik was a beastly thing. Bringing out all of Kiroku’s most inner desires that he suppressed. Ukorik was above all other things selfish. Only thinking of himself and how he could fortune from an event. But, perhaps worst of all was his insatiable sex drive. Not with women but with men. Kiroku had for the most part suppressed his gay tendencies all of his life fearing that he would be criticized by others, but when Ukorik emerged that suppression vanished and a sociopolitical rapist came out in Kiroku’s place.

Ukorik does not hate Kiroku but looks down on him as a fearful child. Ukorik has thus far appeared only on command of Kiroku, but should his path ever cross the High Templar that banished him Ukorik will take control and murder him with extreme prejudice.


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