Aleister Fidgin

Elderly human wizard and historian. Slightly senile and perhaps a little insane.


Aleister was born in Stormcross a small town a few days outside of Hallowgard. The son of a wealthy merchant, Ambrose Fidgen, Aleister had access to good tutors and a small library of books on a wide range of subjects.

His favorite instructor, an elven mage named Gilddyn, sparked his interest in the arcane. Aleister showed a strong knack for understanding complicated magical concepts, so Gilddyn began teaching him the arcane arts in addition to his normal studies.

When Aleister was 13 he made a trip to the capitol with Gilddyn to visit the national library. They returned from the trip to find Stormcross in flames. Aleister’s parents died in the blaze. It was in that moment, standing before a wall of flames with his entire life being reduced to smoke and ash that he vowed to one day master the flame, to control it.

After the fire, Gilddyn took Aleister in as his apprentice and they moved to the capitol. Aleister began intensely studying fire based spells in order to conquer that which he now feared so greatly. When funding his research became difficult, he began doing research for other people.He often kept in contact with his employers to discuss new developments in the field they worked in and to use them to aid his research or that of his new employers. He found that as much as researchers appreciated help, they appreciated informed discussion in their fields even more. He could spend an evening in discussion with one of them learn more than he could find in any book.

He would eventually be contracted by a cleric named Vardis to research an ancient artifact. Vardis became one of his steadiest employers for some years. Even after he ceased employing Aleister, Vardis continued to correspond with him about new information on the spy glass and its history.

When Vardis’ letters stopped Aleister traveled to his home to investigate. He walked into Balkaran‘s retirement/tavern-and-inn-grand-opening party. Here he met up with the non-retiring members of the party and was shown the spyglass. He chose to join the party and carry out the wishes of his old friend. Besides, how often does one get to closely examine an ancient artifact of such power? That and Aleister hadn’t done any field work in ages.

This set Aleister on a path that would lead to angering a powerful king, uniting a country, befriending the angry king, discovering an evil cabal of three very powerful dragons (one of whom was responsible for the fire that destroyed Stormcross), visiting heaven without a passport, killing the dragons for vengeance (sometimes twice), befriending the good-aligned great wyrms, and following Riz on a foolish crusade against the most powerful non-diety in the known world and killing it. Permanently. They hope.

Aleister retired to the charred, overgrown remains of Stormcross where he built himself a small complex of towers. Attracted by the lure of free research labor, Aleister would shortly establish a research university using his towers at Stormcross. The university’s name would change at least once daily during his lifetime, but it was informally known as Stormcross University. This would eventually become the official name. The university teaches nearly every subject imaginable (Aleister was interested in all knowledge), but it is most associated with its elemental magic program.

Aleister wrote a large number of books during his tenure at Stormcross University, including what is considered the definitive guide to the Tarrasque. It is unique in that it is the only book on the subject to include more than one sentence on the creature’s mating habits. In fact, it included an entire chapter. His books are known for being very thorough.

He kept in touch with his old adventuring pals and allies as much as possible. He would write letters to them frequently to keep them abreast of his new research (though he suspected that they did not read them all the way through). He continued his research clear up until at least his hundredth birthday. Coincidentally, that is the same day as recorded as his date of death on his statue in Stormcross. There is, however, some debate as to whether he actually died that day. When some of the university staff went down to his laboratory (which was underground to contain explosions and other undesirable things) to bring him a surprise birthday cake they found something that they weren’t expecting. More precisely, they didn’t find something that were expecting; his laboratory. They walked down the steps to the floor his laboratory should have been on and found that door opened to the floor below his laboratory. Thinking that they had just lost track of floors, they went back up a floor to find the floor above his laboratory. Despite many attempts to locate it the floor has been missing ever since.

Aleister Fidgin

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