Stoneport Campaign

Killing Black Betty

In which the spyglass is destroyed and a dragon is killed.

The group returned to Stoneport, where Balkaran decided to purchase the now-empty manor that used to belong to Vardis and convert it to a tavern and inn for his own business use. He threw a grand party, to which Riz Xepiroth was invited. Kiroku was not invited, but he showed up anyway because he wasn’t forbidden, either.

At the party, Balkaran chose to be spectacularly unhelpful when Riz approached him about finding a replacement party member, but eventually Aleister Fidgin wandered by, looking for his old friend Vardis. After learning of Vardis’s death, Aleister tried to drown his sorrows, and ran across Riz. Riz explained the situation, drawing the attention of Norendithas Songsteel, who had been playing a divinely-inspired song on his hurdy-gurdy in the garden but had stopped momentarily for a drink.

Kiroku also made his own appearance. He had been expelled from his Clerical order for sociopathy (and probably sodomy), and had turned to Alchemy in an attempt to better himself and recover from the blow to his fragile, fragile ego. He was still slightly mutated from his latest experiment, but he was game for another adventure to try to figure out how to destroy the spyglass. Aleister revealed that he actually knew the location of a black dragon named Betty Jr., who made her nest in a mountain deep in the frozen northern wastelands of Canada, surrounded by dark dwarves. Norendithas, afflicted with a severe case of wanderlust, decided to tag along for the grand adventure to the Canadian tundra. Besides, he was slightly drunk, and the crowds were growing very slightly weary of his hurdy gurdy.

The four men rode north to the mountain in Canada where Betty Jr. was known to rest, where Riz was able to find evidence of dark dwarves and eventually the cave through which they hoped to find Betty Jr.

The inside of the cave was finely carved by dwarven hands, and before long, the party found an open room with five doors in it. In the first door, they found thirty bunk beds arranged in a barracks. Opening the second, Riz found a trio of dark dwarves surrounding a table with a map laid across it discussing the movement of several dozen more soldiers to protect Betty Jr.

Kiroku suddenly transformed into a massive, bestial version of himself without explanation and stormed into the room to begin mauling one of the dwarves. Nobody really cared. Aleister asked the dwarves in the room if they knew the whereabouts of Betty Jr., and one of the dwarves yelled back, “How dare you call her by that name!”

Ten seconds later, all three dwarves were dead. After looting the bodies, the group checked the next room, in which six dark dwarves were practicing combat in a training room. Riz conveyed the information, and the group slowly closed the door again and moved on to the final room, in which a dark dwarf sculptor was patiently chiseling away at a stone table in what appeared to be a dining hall. Riz snuck up in front of the dwarf and put his sword to the poor fellow’s throat. The rest of the group quickly followed in and they demanded that the dwarf tell them where Betty Jr. was. The dwarf explained that Betty Jr. was on the bottom of the cavern, but the way was blocked by an immovable rod used to hold a heavy stone door in place. The group insisted that he move it anyway, so he totally did, using a command word: “open” in Undercommon.

The group moved on through that door and forced the dwarf to take point. Things continued uneventfully for a short while, until the dwarf triggered a pitall trap and fell into a pit of acid. Aleister suddenly realized that they had never gotten the dwarf’s name, but the dwarf, now drowning and dissolving, said that he no longer had any desire to tell it. The group made fun of him for a while, before eventually throwing him a rope and pulling him to safety. They washed him off with a Decanter of Endless Water that Kiroku had been carrying around since God knows when, and moved on. The dwarf, who, now half-dead, revealed his name as Dolgrin, suddenly jumped backwards after stepping on a pressure plate ahead of the group that sprayed acid from the walls. The party insisted that Dolgrin go first across this trap, but he demanded to be healed first. Norendithas healed him slightly, and Dolgrin charged across the pressure plate. The rest of the group jumped across it without difficulty.

In this manner, they eventually reached a door which Dolgrin realized was also trapped. Aleister used Open/Close to open it from a distance, and a pendulum axe swung down and nearly cut Dolgrin’s face. It didn’t, though, so they pushed him forward and into an entirely new area of the caves: a subterranean swamp, with a high temperature and bioluminescent plant life that lit the entire area.

In the center of this swamp, they found Betty Jr., a massive, old, black dragon. Dolgrin, suddenly growing a pair of gigantic balls from seemingly nowhere, yelled that the party were intruders. Riz attempted to slit Dolgrin’s throat for the treachery, but only reduced him to 1 HP. This left Dolgrin still alive and fully ready for action, but he learned his lesson anyway and stayed still. Betty Jr. shot a line of deadly acid from her throat at Kiroku and Norendithas in response, but the group asked her to stop and simply hear them out. They explained that they were in fact only hoping to get Betty Jr. to breathe her acid onto the spyglass and destroy it, and that they didn’t really feel the need to kill her. Riz stayed silent during the exchange, saying nothing.

Betty Jr. replied that she would be happy to breathe acid onto the spyglass, provided that the group not make any moves that she could interpret as hostile and have one person hold the spyglass directly in front of their face for her to breathe on. Riz asked Aleister if black dragons were normally evil; Aleister said that yes, they normally are. The group spread out, Kiroku holding the spyglass in front of his face after downing a flask of liquid courage, and Riz whispered “swift death to my enemies” to his Oathbow.

Betty Jr. eventually spit her acid at Kiroku, who had actually downed a potion of Draconic Reservoir and thusly took nearly no damage from the acid blast. Riz then unleashed a volley of arrows from his bow, Kiroku lobbed a bomb, and Aleister started throwing fireballs. In ten seconds, Betty Jr. was killed.

The party looted her treasure hoard and rejoiced that the spyglass was now destroyed. Dolgrin, still alive, stood there awkwardly.


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